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REFIT ANIMAL CARE is an Indian Veterinary Company that deals in manufacturing, supplying, exporting and trading of Veterinary Products including Cattle, Poultry, Pet, Livestock, and Aqua Feed Supplements. The company offers formulations in various areas such as Veterinary Liquid, Powder, Bolus, Gel types of Veterinary Feed Supplements. We also provide Third Party Manufacturing and Franchise Opportunity.

Our strength is a huge range of Animal Health Care Products with the best quality, result-oriented and customers attracting packing. The uniqueness of our products provided us a wide range of market in India in a few years. We have started with few products and now in a small time and customers support we are now dealing with huge types of feed supplements.

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We have a range of Veterinary Products that play a very important role in protecting and maintaining animal health. These products are classified as Poultry Products, Cattle Feed Supplements, and Other Nutritional Supplements. You should concentrate on the nutritional need of the animals in order to protect them from any disease. Our products are categorised as Mineral Mixture For Cattle, Mineral Mixture For Livestock, Mineral Mixture For Aqua or Fishes, Liquid Calcium For Cattle, Liquid Calcium For Poultry, Liver Tonic For Cattle, Liver Tonic For Livestock, Liver Tonic For Poultry, Sheep Growth Supplement, Goat Growth Supplement, Goat Feed Additives, Pig Growth Supplement, Swine Nutritional Supplement, Poultry Growth Promoter, Poultry Medicine, Broiler Growth Promoter, Poultry Feed Additives, Broiler Premix, Aqua Feed Supplement, Fish Growth Promoter, Aqua Probiotics, Aqua Mineral Mixture, Liquid For Repeat Breeding Problem in Cattle, Powder For Repeat Breeding in Cattle, Liquid Calcium Gel For Cattle, Ionic Calcium Gel For Cattle, Heat Inducer Bolus For Cattle, Cattle Enzymes, Multienzyme Liquid For Poultry, Digestive Tonic For Cattle, Digestive Powder For Cattle, Multivitamin with Vitamin H Liquid For Cattle, Multivitamin Liquid with Vitamin H For Poultry, Herbal Dewormer Bolus For Cattle, Live Yeast Bolus For Cattle, Cattle Calcium Bolus, Cattle Liver Bolus, Udder Growth Bolus, Cattle Milk Enhancers, Uterine Tonic For Cattle, Mastitis Kit, Mastitis Powder, Mastitis Liquid Feed Supplement, Activated Charcoal Liquid, Medicine For Bloat in Cattle, Iron Supplement For Cattle, Iron Supplement For Poultry, Iron Supplement For Swine, Powder For Diarrhoea in Cattle, Prolapse Powder For Cattle, Heifer Growth Promoter, Calf Growth Promoter, Cattle Milk Let Down Powder and Liquid, Cattle Calcium Powder, Toxin Binder For Cattle, MycoToxin Binder For Poultry, Calcium Granules For Cattle and Poultry, Water Sanitizer, Poultry Acidifier, Poultry Feed Enzymes, Chicks Feed Supplements, Livestock Feed Additives, Horse Feed Additives, Swine Feed Additives, Cattle Vitamins, Poultry Prebiotics, Udder Growth Promoter, Vitamin E and Selenium Supplement, B Complex Supplement, CRD Medicine For Poultry, Nephrotonic For Poultry, Gout Medicine For Poultry, Vitamin A Liquid For Cattle, Vitamin A Liquid For Poultry, Trace Minerals For Cattle, Trace Mineral for Poultry, Egg Enhancer For Poultry, Electrolyte For Cattle, Electrolytes For Poultry, Bypass Fat For Cattle and Iron Malt. These Nutritional Supplements have their own benefits.  Animal Health Care Products are required to maintain productivity, ensure good health and proper growth of the animals.

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